Feedback from children and young people who have attended recent groups at Star

Receiving feedback from children and young people is extremely important to us at Star. It allows us to know what to improve on, what is working, and to understand the impact our peer support groups have on the children and young people we support.

Below are some examples of feedback we have received after recent groups:


Climbing wall

” I was very nervous at first, and so was another girl at the group, but we got over our fears together and started to climb the wall. The wall required trust. I find trusting people very hard, when I realised I had a lot in common with my partner, it made it easier to trust her. I went home very very happy ”


Camphill Riding School group


” We can’t thank you enough. These groups have given my child a new outlook on life and something good to focus on. You’re all super stars”


” It was nice to not have to focus on anything such as revision or the stress of what is going on in my life at the moment. It was nice to just exist in the moment and be calm ”


Wellness in the woods


” I felt happy there because my mind was on something else and I learnt lots of new things and made a friend ”


” We have been delighted to work alongside STAR with some very enjoyable sessions in our woodland. With activities including whittling, zip wiring, tree planting, archery, forging & pewter casting everyone’s been busy. Most satisfying however, has been how well everyone, parents and young people alike, have engaged with each other with lots of laughter and chat. So looking forward to our future work together ” (Adam, staff member at Eden’s Forest)