HH Global Christmas Gifting Tree

A huge thankyou from us all at Star Bereavement to HH Global Wakefield Facebook

HH Global had the idea of creating a gifting tree this Christmas for the young people at Star Bereavement, to brighten everyone’s day during the Christmas period.

They’re Wakefield office has kindly hosted a Christmas tree with gifts for all aged young people part of Star Bereavement. The tags were created by the children and young people at some of our Bright Stars groups.

A letter to HH Global from the team at Star Bereavement:

‘Thank you for choosing to support Star Bereavement this Christmas by hosting a gifting tree. Our children and young people are and will be so grateful. For some families Christmas this year will be a difficult time after experiencing the loss of a loved one.

At Star Bereavement we will be providing support for young people struggling over the Christmas period. Not every child will receive a gift this year ,with your help we will ensure everyone at Star Bereavement will!

A huge thanks again from The Team at Star Bereavement and all our young people.’