HHGlobal Christmas Drop

Its officially Christmas time at Star Bereavement!!!…

A huge thankyou from us all at Star Bereavement to HH Global Wakefield Facebook

HH Global had the idea of creating a gifting tree this Christmas for the young people at Star Bereavement, to brighten everyone’s Christmas.

They’re Wakefield office has kindly hosted a Christmas tree with gifts for all aged young people part of Star Bereavement. The tags were created by the children and young people at some of our Bright Stars groups.

Today Wendy and Chelsea visited Star Bereavements new office to drop some of the amazing gifts off (seen below from right to left).
We couldn’t be more grateful, a great team of people!! We’ve been spoilt with present donations for children and young people accessing our service.

A letter to HH Global from the team at Star Bereavement:

‘Thank you for choosing to support Star Bereavement this Christmas by hosting a gifting tree. Our children and young people are and will be so grateful. For some families Christmas this year will be a difficult time after experiencing the loss of a loved one.

At Star Bereavement we will be providing support for young people struggling over the Christmas period. Not every child will receive a gift this year ,with your help we will ensure everyone at Star Bereavement will!

A huge thanks again from The Team at Star Bereavement and all our young people.’