Sam Teale Productions and Star Bereavement


Star Bereavement teamed up with Sam Teale productions to capture the stories of our young people and create a short impact video.

We paired up with Sam Teale productions at Star Bereavement and worked together with their team, our young people and Star Bereavement staff to create a short impact film.

The short film explores what it is like to be a young bereaved person in Wakefield and what it is like to receive support at Star Bereavement and all the difficult emotions that come with that.

We are so proud of the young people that took part in the production ,they were so brave to share their experiences in hope of helping other young people.

A big thankyou to the team at Same Teale productions : Sam Teale Productions who worked amazingly with our young people to capture their stories and create an impactful video!

We strive to be young person lead in all the work we do, we hope this video reflects how we shape our service to listen to those young people.

Watch the video at the link below: