The death of a parent, grandparent, friend, or anyone in our life can cause feelings of grief.

Not only does Death affect our mental health but other things such as parents divorcing, moving home, moving schools and anything that changes our way of normal can cause us to feel grief too.

And whilst we cannot change any of these situations, there are a few things that we can do by ourselves that will help us to feel better. These can be small changes we make to our everyday life that can improve our wellbeing.

Our wellbeing is made up of all the things we do each day that affect how we feel about ourselves, our lives and our future.

These are things such as

  • A good night’s sleep  
  • A healthy diet (which includes enjoying sweets and chocolate!)
  • Exercise

Having a good wellbeing also improves our relationships with other people such as our parents, friends, teachers and neighbours. Having a good wellbeing also makes us feel positive about the future and helps us to make decisions that will help us reach our goals in life, that makes us feel happy with ourselves. 😊

The tips below (press to see larger), are written by grieving young people who feel that they have really helped them to cope when they were struggling. Its up to you to decide what helps and what doesn’t, when you find out what does you can create your own self help plan!

WF I CAN Self-Help Cards

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