Kate Bilska

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Kate Bilska

Bereavement Practitioner

I’m Kate and I’ve been working with children and teenagers at Star since August 2021. I help children and teenagers to get a better understanding of their grief processes. I believe that grief is an unpredictable thing and that it affects everybody in different ways, and this is why I work with the bereavement process of each person in a unique way. My aim is to help children and young people to understand that their grief is a natural response to their loss, and that they can experience all kinds of difficulty and unexpected emotion. At the same time, I aim to encourage them to find a way to move on with their life and achieve their goals with the memory of the person they’ve lost.

I am a fully qualified Clinical/Counselling psychologist and alongside my work with Star I have completed a diploma in Systemic Practice. In addition to this, I have completed lots of different training courses, including Solution Focused Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Rational Behaviour Therapy.

Star Bereavement is a unique place for children and young people where they can find a supportive and friendly team who create a safe space to help them to process their grief. I love working for Star as this place has been shaped by the unique experiences of each child and teenager.