Winter Fundraiser

Posted December 3, 2020

Winter Fundraiser

We understand that this is a very difficult time for everyone in the Wakefield District,
But if you are able to make a donation,
It would help us to support children and young people
Grieving the death of someone important to them
Their - Mum, Dad, Sister, Friend, Granddad...

Donate to Star Bereavement through Just Giving

If you’ve lost someone dear.
Just look in your heart,
And you’ll know they’re still here.
The star in the sky,
The light falling snow.
The robin outside,
It seems like they know.
If this is a time,
When you’re struggling through.
Just do what you can,
For what matters, is you.
There’s no need to be merry,
There’s no need to bright.
Just do what you can,
It will all be alright.

Courtesy of Toots Design